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Working on Autoclose Bookmark&History Folders for Firefox 4

I started the work on Autoclose Bookmark&History Folders 0.6 to support the upcoming Firefox 4.0. It seems like that only a few changes are required, so a first beta should be available soon!


Addons Updated for Firefox 3.6

Today I'll released updated versions of Bookmarks Menu Button and Delete Bookmark Icons, as announced three weeks ago. Due to technical limitations, BMB 0.6.1 and DelSiteIcons 0.4 require at least Firefox 3.6 to work. Older versions of Firefox (like 3.0 or even the not so old 3.5) are not supported anymore!


Issues with Firefox 3.6

Some of you have noticed that there are some issues with Firefox 3.6 and some of my extensions. You can expect fixes at the end of February/start of March! Below you'll find a short description of the problems.

Bookmarks Menu Button

Delete Bookmark Icons


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