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Autoclose Bookmark&History Folders

current version: 0.7.2 from 9/11/2015

My second extension for Mozilla Firefox causes other open bookmark and history folders to close themself, when you open a new one in the sidebar. To do so, simply click on the folders name. If other open folders should not close themself, than use the ± to open/close a folder.

Install at Firefox Add-ons (for Firefox 42+)

Delete Bookmark Icons

current version: 0.7.1 from 21/1/2016

With Delete Bookmark Icons you are able to delete the icon of just one or all of your bookmarks.
The reason why I made this extension is that, that Mozilla Firefox sometime overrides the icon of a bookmark with another one, which does not belongs to this side and the only way to get to right icon back, is to delete the bookmark and make a new one for this web side. There's an end of it! Rightclick on the bookmark whose icon shall be deleted and select Delete Site Icon(s). With the bookmark manager you can delete the icons of all of your bookmarks by selecting Delete All Site Icons from the Edit menu.

Install at Firefox Add-ons (for Firefox 44+)

Clear Form History

current version: 0.5.1 from 21/1/2016

With Clear Form History you can delete all saved entries of a specific text-field. There is no need anymore to use SHIFT+ENTF and delete all items one by one!

Install at Firefox Add-ons (for Firefox 44+)

Bookmarks Menu Button

current version: 0.6.1 from 23/2/2010

Bookmarks Menu Button (BMB) adds a new bookmarks and history menu button to the toolbar. Those combine all the functunality of the normal bookmarks/history button and the bookmarks menu. In addition, you can define how to sort your bookmarks, reorder the history, open/close the bookmarks/history sidebar or restore the last closed tab/window (Firefox 3.5) either using the middle or the right mouse button.

At the Mozillazine Forum you can find a thread about BMB Extension containing the changelogs, bugs and other things related to my extension.

Install BMB (for Firefox 3.6)
Install BMB (for Firefox 3.0 - 3.5)
Install BMB (for Firefox 1.5 - 3.0a1)

3DCenter NavMenu

current version: 0.2 from 22/3/2011

3DCenter NavMenu adds a new menu ti the browser's context menu, from where you can access alomst all forums of the 3DCenter Forums. In addition you can add up to 30 custom links too.

Install (for Firefox 3.6-11)
Screenshot [PNG; 333 KiB] in small [PNG; 119 KiB]


Set Flash Quality Greasemonkey-Script

Sets the quality of all embeded Flash-Animations to "low".
View (Greasemonkey required for installation)

BBCode 3DCenter Special Editon

With the permisson of Jed Brown, I modified his BBCode by adding additional BBCodes, where some of them are especially for the 3DCenter forums.
Install (for Firefox 1.0-3.6, Mozilla 1.0-1.8, SeaMonkey 1.0-1.5 and Flock 0.5-1.0)

Moztools for MS VC 2005

everything you need to build Moztools using MS VC++ 2005 (Express Edition) (VC8), so you can build Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird etc. with MS VC++ 2005
Moztools VC8
mozillazine forums thread: How to build Firefox with Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition
.manifest-files patches: Bug 249782 (vs2005) - Make Mozilla compile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005