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November 2006


New Version of BMB

The localized version of BMB 0.4.2 was supposed to be released last weekend but I found an error when restoring tabs. This bug has been fixed in the new version 0.4.3. In addition to that, I was able to solve the delay when opening the history button for the first time (affects the normal history menu too) and I've added Icons made by Mark James - hope you like them.


Localized Version of BMB 0.4.2

Thanks to all the translators at Babelzilla, a new localized version of Bookmarks Menu Button will be released soon (this weekend I hope).


BMB and Menu Editor

The problem with Menu Editor still exists with BMB 0.4! Do not change anything with Menu Editor in the bookmarks menu, otherwise BMB duplicates the list of bookmarks folders. Menu Editor also overrides the hide old bookmarks/history menu functions of BMB. Thus, I recommend that you do not change the bookmarks or history menu.

BMB and Mostly Crystal

Mostly Crystal has been updated to version with an updated support for Bookmarks Menu Button.


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